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Medik8 Red Alert Body 150ml

Medik8 Red Alert Body 150ml
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Anti-Redness Formula.

Helps to fade and clear thread veins, skin redness and bruises, by promoting anti-oxidation, vein-wall strengthening and enhanced coagulation (blood clotting at site of capillary damage). There is no stronger topical formula for cosmetically managing skin redness.

Medik8 Red Alert visibly reduces the appearance of thread veins and has a brightening effect on the skin. It also slows down the process of skin ageing, by protecting the skin from free-radical damage and effectively alleviates the negative environmental impact on the skin. This strong anti-thread vein product contains specially selected pharmaceutically graded ingredients, such as vitamin K, Liquorice and Bearberry, which have a strengthening and sealing effect on open vessels and thread veins. It enhances the blood circulation, reduces swelling and redness, reduces fragility of blood vessels and dramatically limits the creation of further damages.

Paraben and fragrance free.
Medik8 Red Alert Body 150ml