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Kérastase Resistance Forcintense 6 x 15ml

Kérastase Resistance Forcintense 6 x 15ml
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A favourite of Red Magazine’s Beauty Director, Sophie Forte:

“Transforms even the most brittle, sun fried and uncared for hair. I love that that the genius 2 step mini dose treatments don’t leave hair feeling over conditioned and flat – more ‘rich girl’ soft and bouncy. The small sealed tubes are also perfect to take on holiday, about the only time I can realistically sit around with a hair mask on.”

Kérastase Resistance Forcintense is an intensive repairing programme.

- The programme consists of 3 tubes of Forcinterne and 3 tubes of Forcexterne.
- Application should be made once a week, recommended on weekends, using one tube of Forcinterne and one tube of Forcexterne.
- Complements the strengthening action of the in-salon exclusive ritual.

- Constituent of Intercellular Cement: Similar to that found in the hair.
- Natural Protein: Compensates for proteins lost from weak hair.
- Active Cation: Helps the Vita-Ciment® to enter into the hair and smoothes the surface of the hair fibre.
- Recreates the outer protective layer of the hair.
- Enrobes the fibre with a protective topseal surface.
- Gives better protection against external aggressions and blow-drying.
- Does not affect colour application.
Kérastase Resistance Forcintense 6 x 15ml