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Fizbag Original Handheld - Multi-Dot

Fizbag Original Handheld - Multi-Dot
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Like a tardis, the Fizbag Original mini foldaway bag is a little space-saving gem that opens up into a BIG reusable shopping bag.

Made from ultra strong polyester the Fizbag Original is durable, strong, lightweight, water resistant and machine washable.

- Size: 35cm x 40cm (excl handles)
- Pouch Size: 11cm x 6cm
- Style: Handheld
- Material: 100% quality weaved polyester
- Care: Machine wash cold or handwash

It’s super easy to repack into the pouch. Simply fold along the memory creases, roll up and slide inside. Pop the popper so it can’t escape and your bag is protected until its next outing.

With the capacity of two standard carrier bags, Fizbag Original is an essential for everyday life. The Fizbag Original slips into your handbag or pocket so it’s always there whenever you need it.

- Compact and lightweight
- Strong and durable
- Space saving
- Easy folding
- Water resistant
Fizbag Original Handheld - Multi-Dot