Magic Makeup


Olay was originally created in 1950 by chemist Graham Wulff as a gift for his wife who had become frustrated with the thick, waxy creams that were available at the time. They left her skin feeling greasy so Wulff's aim with Olay was to develop a product that not only moisturised, but was also non-greasy and would leave his wife feeling beautiful. With a finely-tuned formula and the first batch complete, the legendary Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid was at last born.

Olay has enjoyed worldwide success and their products have been proven to achieve dramatic improvements to the skin's appearance with products containing innovative technologies. Olay products provide effective cleansing, anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle solutions for the modern women. Olay are very committed to providing safe products and ensuring the safety of their products is a responsibility that they take very seriously.

Despite all of the changes and innovations Olay has been through over