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John Richmond

John Richmond John Richmond is a British fashion designer who, with close connections to the rock music fashion industry, has dressed the likes of Madonna, David Bowie, Annie Lennox and Mick Jagger. Heavily influenced by the punk and rock music industry, the John Richmond brand is a celebration of the creativity and unpredictability of youth and street culture.

John Richmond's debut fragrance, simply called 'John Richmond', is a fruity, floral fragrance for women that aims to "fascinate the senses like rock 'n roll". The scent's ideology is that it is to be worn like an accessory - emphasised by the silver-plated lock bracelet found in each package.

John Richmond for Men was created for the non conformist who lives by his own rules and expresses his masculinity in an unconventional way. Pulsing with energy like a song with an electric beat, the fragrance is a creative blend of exciting notes.