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Korres is a natural skincare brand, founded in Athens in 1996. Based on over 3,000 homeopathic remedies of herbal origin and its pharmacy experience, Korres focuses on primary and applied research involving natural ingredients and formulae. Korres extract and isolate the active ingredients of their plants, at their environmentally friendly, certified herb extraction unit.

The natural active ingredients that Korres use derive from four ingredient groups:

- Greek Flora: Olive, Bay Laurel, Mastiha, Thyme, Sage etc.
- Medicinal Herbs: Evening Primrose, Calendula, Echinacea, Hypericum etc.
- Food Ingredients: Thyme Honey, Yoghurt etc.
- Natural Actives: Actives such as natural antioxidant Quercetin, with proven efficacy, according to the findings of international research programmes including the research programmes of the Korres Research & Development Lab.

Korres celebrity fans include: Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Jodie Kidd, Ange