Magic Makeup


theBalm theBalm offer exciting and quirky multi-tasking cosmetics with an effervescent personality that will ensure you always look glam. With sassy names and eye-catching retro packaging that reflect the personality of theBalm, your make-up bag won't know what's hit it! Turn back time with timeBalm Concealer, let your lips do the talking with Read My Lips Lipsticks, make the boys go wild with Boy's Blush... and a whole lot more!

theBalm was founded by Marissa Shipman when she realised her desire to feel glamorous all the time could be achieved with simple products. It then struck her that there were probably other women in the same position who would benefit from these products. After reading 11 books on how to create make-up and experimenting in her kitchen she, in her own words, "went crazy". Next came a website, a budget and a chemist, combined with influences from American Pop Culture, resulting in theBalm.

Make-up is always fun and fl