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Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Professional Schwarzkopf Professional is one of the top hair cosmetics brands in the world and have represented quality, expertise and innovation for more than 100 years.

In 1898 Hans Schwarzkopf, a qualified chemist, opened a small drug store in Berlin. Schwarzkopf was inspired to create better solutions for hair due to his dislike for the expensive oils and harsh soaps that were being used at the time, and by 1904 his shampoo was being distributed internationally. In 1927 Schwarzkopf created the first ever liquid shampoo and then in 1933, the first ever non-alkaline shampoo. By 1955, he had introduced the first ever cold-perm and home colour product. 1980 saw Schwarzkopf pioneer CFC-free aerosols and then a few years later were also the first international company to introduce plant-based colours and products made from natural ingredients.

Since then, Schwarzkopf Professional have continued to introduce innovative products and fashion-inspired collections. The brand&r